Russ Myers

Russ Myers

Russell’s family has been in Mustang area since 1942 and he and his wife are 1970 graduates of Mustang High School. He has two sons that also graduated from Mustang High School.

Russ served as VP of Sales & Marketing for Security Solutions for 25 years before retiring in 2009. In 2010, Russ helped start a Non-Profit organization that helped start small businesses in Tanzania, Africa. Russ has been serving on the Mustang Public School Foundation for 2 years. Russ has also served as Treasurer of Chisholm Heights Baptist Church since 2004.

Russ returned to work as an HR Manger for an Oil & Gas Consulting company for half a day and plays golf in the afternoons.

A little trivia, Russ was on the first football team for Mustang high scoring their first touchdown in 1968.